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Over the past month, the pastor at our church has been doing a series on moving from insecurity in the world to security in Christ.  When I first heard the announcement about the series, I had a feeling that I would be challenged in some uncomfortable but positive ways.

Oh man.

I must confess, sometimes I feel like I should be the founder of a new group called “Insecure Individuals Anonymous.”   I could probably benefit from that 12-step program – especially the step in which you have to submit your life to a higher power.  I’ve realized that I have a difficult time with the idea of “let go and let God.”

Today’s sermon focused on the life of King Saul.  The book of I Samuel provides an account of how Saul came to be king of Israel.  Although God’s plan had not included placing a king over Israel, after much pleading from the Israelite people, God decided to give them a king.  He led Samuel, his prophet, to select Saul as the first king of the Israelites.

As the pastor pointed out, it only took about 7 verses for Saul to go from being appointed king of Israel to showing himself to be a very insecure person who had difficulty trusting in God’s plan.  At several points in the scriptures, Saul went against God’s plan because he was anxious or felt he knew better.  At one point he began erecting statues of himself – a misguided attempt to establish his own importance.  He became jealous when David came onto the scene and began showing him up.

After listening to and reading along with the account of Saul’s life, I was a bit horrified to see similarities between Saul and myself.  I know I sometimes become anxious and have difficulty waiting patiently on an answer from God about different situations in my life.  I have difficulty letting go of my own desire to control the direction of my life and letting God take me and use me in the ways He wants.  And it’s funny, during those times when I can let go and try to open myself to letting God use me to reach others, I feel the most at peace.  Now, that’s something to strive for more on a daily basis.


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